Whispering Pines Trail Ride -

It is with deep sadness and broken hearts that we must inform you Whispering Pines is no longer in business.

We have ventured down every path possible to prevent this from happening however we have reached an impasse beyond our control.

Due to the implementations and the direction Ozark National Scenic Riverways and the National Park Service are developing, we will no longer be able to allow riders to leave our establishment and ride on "unauthorized" trails.

We have sought the legal counsel of a panel of lawyers and each has informed us we stand to have possible legal action taken against us if we stay in business and encourage riders to travel the trails.

Again, we are very saddened and have spent many sleepless nights contemplating the impact this will have on you, our friends and family.

You may continue to communicate with us through the Whispering Pines email at whisperingpinestrailride@yahoo.com or call us at 573-453-8177. We would love to hear from all of you. We are excited only at the possibility that we may get to travel around and spend some time riding with you.

This proposal by ONSR has left us in a financial bind as we have used what we could trying to fight it. HOWEVER, we have it written on the books who has paid deposits and we will work diligently to return your money to you. Please email us with your concerns.

We love you all and will miss you greatly.

Ride on my friends,

Email: whisperingpinestrailride@yahoo.com
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